Welcome to the Parsons Family Foundation

The Parsons Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit family foundation that looks for opportunities to help make the world a better place. Not all at once, but bit by bit–we find people, organizations, or causes that we can help with donations and the members of the foundation have performed acts of service all around the world in various capacities.  The foundation is headquartered in Maryland but members have or now live across the country from Virginia to Wisconsin to Utah. We support non-profit charities that are aligned with our mission to strengthen families around the world by attending to their physical, spiritual, and educational needs. When looking into the organizations to support we evaluate how closely aligned their goals are with ours, as well as how much of the donation and support will go towards the actual causes. In the end, we are trying to help those in need of help–those that we can influence the most.


Some of the charities that we have supported or done volunteer work for include:

  • Wilfred Griggs Foundation for Ancient Studies
  • Wild Bird Conservatory
  • Rising Star Outreach
  • BYU – Daniel Lau Scholarship Fund