How We Determine Where Our Money Goes

Part of being a non-profit is determining what organizations we should support. While we would love to support all great organizations we neither have the funds nor the legal ability to do so.  Based on our mission to “strengthen families around the world by attending to their physical, spiritual, and educational needs” our Donations Committee headed by Jason Kenealey has developed a rating system. The rating system calculates a score based on an organization’s ability to strengthen families through physical, spiritual, and educational needs, in addition to what percentage of the money donated goes towards the actual cause (as opposed to administration expenses).   This rating system gives us an idea of how the organization stacks up against our motto and goals. There is still personal evaluations and opinions in the rating system it has given us a great equalizer to identify quickly how they stack up against other organizations. From there the Donations Committee can make recommendations for the best places to donate money. This makes our process much simpler and quicker and allows us to compare organizations based on a criteria that means something to us.

The Parsons Family Foundation

The Parsons Family Foundation was organized in 2007 as a way to promote families and family values around the world. The Parsons family is based in Maryland, but members of the foundation are based in Utah and Maryland (and previously Virginia, Colorado, and Wisconsin). From business executives and entrepreneurs, to mothers and childbirth educators, to cancer research, the foundation has a varied background and experience.  We have done service work around the world including Russia, India, Mexico, Africa, Croatia, and elsewhere. If you are in a position to give we are always in need of donations–so if you can help, please do.